Bruce Bauss

Bruce Bauss


  • Cell: 443-615-3449
  • Office Location: 440 Monticello Ave, Suite 1800, Norfolk, VA 23510

About Bruce Bauss

In Bruce’s early work-life career, he spent many years managing international trade with specialization in coffee. As a result, he is passionate about a good cup of coffee. Actually, he thinks that coffee should be considered its own food group (we do not disagree Bruce!). 

Afterwards, he had the great experience of being at the start of the dot-com evolution and adoption of E-Commerce into the way business was transacted. These experiences were great, but he had a great desire to positively impact people’s lives and serve their needs, which managing processes and business could not provide. He was inspired by how nurses impact
individuals and families. So, he went back to school and became a Nurse himself, eventually earning a graduate degree in Nursing Leadership. He has spent the last 10+ years helping people live their best life, now.

Bruce decided to become a Real Estate professional because he wanted to continue adding value to peoples’ lives and have more flexibility and control of his earning potential. The lessons he learned as a nurse, such as working with people with high integrity, protecting and respecting the privacy of individuals, advocating for people’s needs and ensuring scholarly growth as a healthcare provider have flowed seamlessly to his Real Estate business. At the end of the day, Real Estate is about people and cherishing the opportunity to come into the personal space of individuals and families and finding ways to help them find and live their best life.

In his free time Bruce loves adventure and new experiences. He is married to his college sweetheart and they have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, so far. They are also so proud to be a Navy family with several of their children and sons-in-law serving.