Daisy Pipes

Daisy Pipes


  • Cell: 757-956-7532
  • Office Location: 440 Monticello Ave, Suite 1800 Norfolk, VA 23510

About Daisy Pipes

Daisy is a lifelong Virginia resident who grew up in Chesapeake and has always loved HRVA. She now lives here with her daughter where she spends her free time volunteering and giving back to her community, specifically the Autistic and LGBTQ+ communities. She also loves reading and of course spending time with her daughter.

Daisy loves that Coastal Virginia is such a diverse place. She believes being around people who don’t look and think like you is incredibly important and we are lucky to live in a place that provides that. She also enjoys that we are just a short drive away from Busch Gardens, which she tries to visit every season!

As so many of our agents do, Daisy fell into Real Estate in 2020 when she was in the middle of making major life changes. She figured making a big career move would be worth the risk. She wanted the opportunity to self-motivate and be her own boss and now she is so glad she took the leap! 

What sold Daisy on OWN? The Buffini Method and her desire to better work her sphere. It was a bonus that our Norfolk office is just a short distance from her home in the Ghent neighborhood. She has been lucky enough in her career so far that all of her business has come from friends, family, and past co-workers and she is looking forward to learning how to better expand on that.