Devan Wallswolf

Devan Wallswolf


  • Cell: 360-265-9513
  • Office Location: 440 Monticello Ave, Suite 1800, Norfolk, VA 23510

About Devan Wallswolf

Devan grew up in Washington State in a small town, and spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid. He went to college and played soccer in Bremerton, Washington for two years before joining the Navy in 2013. He has PCSd to Virginia where he has been for the past 9 years. Devan has two daughters and still loves to spend just as much time outside as when he was a kid!⁠

Devan loves Coastal VA because of the amazing restaurants and coffee shops that remind him of home. He also loves getting inland to the Appalachian Trail to spend time in the woods and get away.⁠

Devan decided to get into real estate because his time with the Navy is coming to a close and he wanted to get started in a career helping people. Everyone he knows in the business loves what they do and he wanted to be a part of that!