Khadijah Freeman

Khadijah Freeman


  • Cell: 757-274-8276
  • Office Location: 440 Monticello Ave, Suite 1800 Norfolk, VA 23510

About Khadijah Freeman

Khadijah is an active duty Navy sailor, originally from North Carolina, making her transition into a new Real Estate career. She is the mother of a beautiful baby girl and in her free time Khadijah loves home decor and DIY projects, so be on the lookout for her creative pop-bys!⁠

Khadijah loves Coastal Virginia for its diversity and that there is something to do for everyone. There’s any and everything, from cool night life to a calm day of fishing on the piers. Khadijah loves that we get the experience of all four seasons, without the harshness of the extremes. She has been stationed here in HRVA for six years now and she loves the variety (and of course the beach!).⁠

Khadijah decided to pursue a career in real estate because it’s always been an interest of hers since the age of 7 when she went house hunting with her dad. As she grew, the interest just grew right along with her! She loves everything about homes- the good, the bad, and the ugly. She is very passionate about home ownership and for her, it’s all about helping someone find their very OWN home just for them. ⁠

Khadijah decided to join OWN because she felt the care from the very first meeting. She could feel right from the beginning that our agents have a passion and a desire to build a healthy career and business. To Khadijah, she could see that OWN has the tools to help agents develop a thriving business, connections, and the knowledge they need to succeed.