Rachel Blaski

Rachel Blaski


  • Cell: 757-277-8716
  • Office Location: 440 Monticello Ave, Suite 1800 Norfolk, VA 23510

About Rachel Blaski

Rachel has lived in Hampton Roads most of her life and graduated from Regent University last year with a degree in Law and National Security. She worked as a legal assistant at a law firm until she decided the 9-5 life wasn’t for her and she made the switch to real estate. She just got married last month to her husband who is a Sentara nurse!

Rachel’s favorite part about living in Coastal Virginia is being so close to the beach! She often finds herself repeating her mom’s mantra, “I can’t live anywhere that isn’t close to a beach”. Rachel loves the community vibe of Hampton Roads and how she can be close to all the family and friends she grew up with. When she’s not surfing or laying on the sand with a book, Rachel is constantly planning new trips. Their next destination is Italy where she’ll get to meet family!

Rachel has always loved the idea of being her own boss and having her own business, but she didn’t know what that would look like. Then she purchased her first home a couple of years ago and the experience was so wonderful, she thought about how much she would love to help others find their dream homes. When she was growing up and her family would move, she was always so excited to go with her parents to look at houses, fascinated with the architecture and design of each one. After working a 9-5 job for a while, Rachel took the leap and decided to officially make the switch to real estate, and she is so glad she did. She wanted a career where she can help people and where every day is different.

So Why OWN? While studying for her license, our OWN agent Chelsea Axelrod told her about how fantastic OWN is (thanks Chelsea!), and from the moment Rachel walked into OWN, she saw exactly what she meant. She saw that OWN is not just a brokerage, but a family, and we truly care about and invest in our agents. She joined OWN because as a new agent, she knows that she is going to be working with some of the best agents and that they will have her back.