Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter


  • Cell: 804-912-6383
  • Office Location: 440 Monticello Ave, Suite 1800, Norfolk, VA 23510

About Sarah Hunter

Sarah grew up in West Virginia, but considers Richmond her hometown since she lived there for over a decade. She moved to Chesapeake in 2016 where she bought her first home. The home buying experience led her to understand the importance of having a great realtor. She and her family (she is a mom to one kiddo) were very well taken care of and so she was inspired to pursue her real estate license. Her hope and goal is to help others have the same great, or even better, experience. Guiding and consulting families in the home buying and selling process is a large responsibility, but it is such a joy to see people achieve their dreams of finding the place where life long memories are made.


Sarah’s favorite thing about Coastal VA is definitely the beach. You can find her there in her spare time scouring for shells, reading a book, walking or playing fetch with her pup. She also enjoys the local food spots- especially the ones with a view!